Portrait Photographers and Portrait Photography Services…

Portrait photographers can be found on every high street, major shopping centre and even retail outlets. There are even portrait photography franchises out there that claim to offer unique images. Portrait photography is a personal thing, so whether you are a singleton, a couple, a child or even a family, we try to be as personable as possible. But be careful of discount vouchers and offers as they are designed to urge you to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

We do not have dedicated studios, nor do we have large plasma screens and soft music. But what we do have is the will to try and offer you a great set of photographs. At present, we do not offer discount vouchers, as you are aware that a £25-75 discount voucher often leads to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on a credit card and another headache that you can do without.


At 20-photos, we aim to offer value for money portrait photography services to consumers in the United Kingdom. Traditional portrait photographers expect the customer to come to them. We don't!

Our portrait photographers are equipped with mobile studio lighting and backdrops. This enables us to travel to your own home and take a portfolio of photographs that we hope you will be pleased with.

Before contacting us regarding our 20-Portraits™ photography service, we would ask you to think of the following:

  • How much do you want to spend on portrait photography?
  • What do you want from your portrait photograph?
  • Who will receive and see the portrait photograph that we take?
  • What message or story do you want to portray in the image?
  • What words or expressions describe you, your personality or relationship with other subjects in the photograph or the recipient of a 20-portriat™?
  • What size and style of prints do you want?

 If you are involved with looking after or supervising groups of children, for example, nurseries, schools, child minders, we may be able to provide your organisation and parents with an alternative to the portrait photographers that you currently use. For more details and ways in which you may be able to make additional money from our portrait photography services, send us an email.


At 20-photos we understand people want to receive a great service, but we also understand that life is all about fun, you never know what's around the corner so we try to live life by the philosophy "Carpe Diem".

To make our services more fun, we are now encouraging groups of people, parents, friends, family to come together and enjoy portrait photography all together via our PortraitParties™

So what is a PortraitParty™?

Well in brief, this is where like minded people congregate at someone's house or flat and want portraits taken of them, their children or other family members in safe and secure environment (We will also consider portraits including pets, so long as our photographers safety is not put at risk).

What is special about PortraitParties™?

For people who attend, it's about networking, getting to know people, catching up and sharing experiences. It's also about a common goal to capture a great portrait of you, your friend or family member. For the group as a whole, it's a way of reducing costs of portrait photography.

At 20-photos, we enjoy meeting new people and delivering an image that will be enjoyed for years to come. We have found that working with groups of people can often result in some really innovative poses and images that to be honest with you, our photographers probably would not have come up with in a studio setting.

For us, it's a way of meeting larger numbers of clients who want a great portrait image to cherish. It also provides us with new ideas for services and other products linked to our photography services.

What is in it for the host or organiser of a PortraitParty™?

Well if you want to hold a party, we have various discussions with you to clarify what you have in mind in terms of who to invite, what food and beverages to provide and the format of the day / evening.

We try to provide ideas to make the day/evening more interesting for everyone and make sure the organiser has as much fun as the guests.

As regarding what the organiser / host actually get out of the evening, in a nutshell, we provide you with either a financial commission or a set of complimentary photographs.

What do I need to be a host for a PortraitParty™?

Well, firstly, you need to have friends!! We welcome interests from parents of new bourn, young children, teenagers, couples or even grandparents!

Secondly you'll need to have a house or flat big enough to host one of our parties. Normally we will need to take over one room with our photography equipment. You will also need another area to allow guests to socialise and relax, or in the case of children, play!

Other than this, some interesting props, parts of the house or flat that you think would be good to capture a portrait. Depending on the time of the booking, we will also undertake portraits outside, if the natural light is appropriate.

Finally, a your full contact details are useful, so we can discuss your party and make sure your guests and their children are prepared for the evening.

Our parties are ideal for either groups of people who what some nice images of their family, kids, friends. But you may wish to consider linking one of our parties in the run up to or at a major celebration - birthday party, anniversary or any other celebration you can think of.

What happens to the images from a PortraitParty™?

We publish the images from a party onto our web site. We take privacy and data protection seriously and can do this in a folder open to anyone who visits our web site, or we can publish the images in a hidden/password protected folder that only you and guests will know the link for.

We don't like inviting strangers into our home, how do we trust you?

Well firstly, no photographer wishing to attend and cover a PortraitParty™ will be able to do so without being police/CRB checked (CRB - Criminal Records Bureau).

Secondly, we provide ways that the people, who you are dealing with on the phone, are the people who come to attend and take photos in your home.

We know the power of "word of mouth" referrals and our aim is to get more bookings for our PortraitParties™ from your party. If we don't we are doing something wrong and may as well stop enjoying life and change careers!


Our 20-Portrait™ photography services aims to deliver an image, or portfolio of images that meet or exceed our clients expectations at an affordable price.

We can either offer prints for sale at a PortraitParty™ or take orders for images to be sent through the post. Our prices will ultimately depend on how many and the type of people who attend you party and how many photographs we think we can sell.

Once again, it is worth stressing, our aim is to offer a great affordable services, and not ways to put lots of people in great debt!

Geographic Coverage

We are based in the North of England, but welcome enquiries for our services from all areas of the United Kingdom ( UK ).

We predominantly offer our services in South Yorkshire (S Yorks), West Yorkshire (W Yorks), East Yorkshire (E Yorks) and North Yorkshire (N Yorks), Derbyshire (Derbys), Nottinghamshire (Notts) and Lincolnshire (Lincs) areas.

Example places include: Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Derby, Nottingham, Kingston Upon Hull, Ripon, Harrogate, York, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield, to name but a few!

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