Press and Public Relations ( PR ) Photographers and Photography Services…

20-photos have been commission before to cover stories and media issues in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire areas.

Our background is in both marketing and photography and should you require, we can provide a whole range of services related to press, media, public and trade relations.

Whether it's a high profile story or a sensitive issue to be covered, 20-photos may be able to help. Our highest profile commission was for the G8 Ministers visit to Sheffield, where we were commissioned to take the official family photograph. This image has been distributed through the Government News Network and Associated Press.

Our approach to public and media relations assignments involves trying to understand the angle and the key messages being communicated. We then attempt to delivery an image or series of images that matches either a PR agencies expectations or media owner requirements.

We have supplied many images for the purpose of public and media relations activities to clients, whether they are PR agencies, event organisers, commercial companies or charities. Some of the events we cover have a media angle and as a result we are often approached by client's PR agencies.

As we have worked with PR agencies and other event photography organisations in the past and we know how innovative ideas can pay off, if you have a particular marketing or public relations objective in mind.

Our experience in Marketing, Media and Photography has led us to develop new services for innovative marketing communication agencies, commercial organisations or even charities:


This is where 20-photos are commissioned to attend an event and the organisers wish to provide their guests with a complimentary memory of the event or occasion.

20-photos attend an event and capture photographs of guests as per a client's requirements. This can be with specific backdrops (e.g. Media Sponsor Board), props, products, celebrities or even in a stage situation. Using our high quality dye sublimation printers, we then print out images at the venue, place them in mounts and issue them to Free of Charge to guests during or at the end of the event (as the client or PR agency finances this through our fee).

The 20-PRint™ service is enhanced by one of our sponsorship opportunities linked our photography services. Our 20-PhotoMounts™ allow clients to have their logo, brand, corporate strap line or campaign message printed on the front of them. We were particularly glad that the Home Office took advantage of our 20-PRint™ service, where all the G8 Ministers were issued with a copy of the G8 Minster family photograph that we were commissioned to take, courtesy of the Home Office.


  • Delighted Visitors or Customers - Guests always appreciate a FREE gift, especially where they remember a particular day, event, organisation or other individual.

  • Longevity of PR Message or Brand - Recipients of photographs, whether they are free or paid for, keep their photograph for many years after an event. This is also the case for our 20-PhotoMounts™ that we supply to guests. (Some of the events our event photographers cover are annual in nature. Many people have informed us how they still have the photograph in the original mount on their desk, in their kitchen or bedroom).



Organisations are always on the look out for new ways to drive traffic or new visitors to their web site. PhotoDraw™ is based on the idea of a prize draw concept, but with the use of images.

PhotoDraw™ is aimed at an organisation arranging a trade or general event where either prospects or existing clients / customers will attend. 20-photos work with existing marketing, sales and promotional personnel to take photographs of the people who are attending a particular area, for example, a trade stand or a particular room or an event as a whole. All the relevant details of the participants in the PhotoDraw™ are captured either manually or via electronic scanning technology. Each participant is informed of their rights to a discount for a product or service and/or the chance to win a free product or enjoy a free service.

We download the images taken at the event and process them for use on a web site. We then randomly select an image or series of images and watermark the image with a logo or "winner" message. This can be done for each day of the event or for the event as a whole.

The customer or client uploads the images to their website within a specified time frame and the prospects or clients visit their web site to see if they have won and/or take advantage of the discount offer they have been given. The client has the opportunity of cross selling other services or products to the visitors.


  • Targeted Web Site Traffic - Provides a tried and tested way of driving traffic (prospects and customers) to a web site.

  • Marketing ROI -  Provides another way to maximise ROI from marketing expenditure and Public Relations initiatives and integrated campaigns.

  • Customer Acquisition Costs - Potentially higher conversion rates for on-line sales and lower costs per customer acquisition.

  • Cross Sell Opportunities -  Provides an opportunity to cross sell additional products / services to prospects or existing clients.



Our pricing for our public relations photography services is indicative of the following:

  • Which Services are Utilised - General Press/PR photography,  20-PRint™, PhotoDraw™ etc.
  • Travel and Subsistence - Travelling distance involved and whether there is a need for overnight accommodation.
  • Number of Personnel - How many photographers and/or assistants are required to fulfil the brief.
  • Time requirement - Billed in either hourly or half day increments).
  • Agreement on IPR - Intellectual property and syndication rights for the images taken.
  • Number of Images (Approx) - Agreement on the number of images to be captured at a PR event.
  • No of 20-PRints™ - Agreement on the number of 20-PRints™ to be handed out to guests at a PR event.

PLEASE NOTE: Utilisation of 20-PhotoMount™ Sponsorship (If your organisation or client wishes to utilise this service, confirmation of artwork / printed messages and payment must be received 5-8 weeks prior to the event in question).

For an in-depth discussion regarding how our services can be utilised to enhance your marketing and communication activities, please send us an email detailing an overview of your aims, objectives and planned activities along with your full contact details, or (Contact Us) on 0794 101 2186.

Geographic Coverage

We are based in the North of England, but welcome enquiries for our services from all areas of the United Kingdom ( UK ).

We predominantly offer our services in South Yorkshire (S Yorks), West Yorkshire (W Yorks), East Yorkshire (E Yorks) and North Yorkshire (N Yorks), Derbyshire (Derbys), Nottinghamshire (Notts) and Lincolnshire (Lincs) areas.

Example places include: Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Derby, Nottingham, Kingston Upon Hull, Ripon, Harrogate, York, Lincoln, Chesterfield and Mansfield, to name but a few!

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